Training, coaching and training some more

Hi Everyone

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t done anything but train since the turn of the decade.

However, my 2010 schedule is finally coming together.  After much hemming and hawing, I have decided to focus on my first 100 and work back from there.  Doing just that — working backward that is — I have selected Javelina Jundred (Oct), Skyline 50K (Aug), Tahoe Rim 50M (July), QuickSilver 50M (May), Boston (marathon) to Big Sur (marathon) (April), and Way Too Cool 50K (March).  I hope to add a Rocky Mountain run of some kind in June as I will be on vacation in Colorado.  I also hope to add something in the 50-60K range in September.  My friends may do the Tahoe Ultraman, which is actually something they sort of made up based on Tahoe ultra weekend. Maybe I will tag along and do some running.

I am nervous about Javelina, but I have a long way to go.  My coach said it will take me about 5-6 months of concentrated training to prepare.  I would love to run it with my friends, but most of them are IronMan bound this year and we just don’t know if they will be wanting to hop into 100M training right afterward.

In addition to running, I have been coaching! I have taken three dedicated athletes “under my wing.”  One is a former competitive tennis player who runs 30 miles a week and wants “to get the most out of each workout.”  One is a new runner who has been working out for a year now, and has lost 40 pounds!!  I am so proud of her for wanting to add running to her regime.  She is hard core and really doing great.  And one is a soon-to-be bride.  She and her fiance just want to get in better shape for the wedding. I love working with them because they do everything together.  It’s lovely. They will be a wonderful husband and wife.

Oh, and here is something cool, at least to me.  At our annual awards banquet, my running club awarded me the honor of Runner of the Year.  I was really touched.  Our club president said, “Julianne had a phenomenal running year, completing five ultramarathons, and two marathons – earning a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon at the Top of Utah Marathon.  As much as we honor and appreciate Julianne’s running record, we also honored her contribution to the club, various acts of volunteerism, and for her unflagging enthusiasm and support for members of the running club and for the club itself.”  That was one of the nicest things anyone has every said about the kind of runner I try to be.

Hope your running is going well and you are enjoying the end of winter!



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  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow! Ambitious, but well thought out! I’m so impressed with your progress- you must be really training smart to make steady progress like that (not getting sidelined by injury). And congrats on the award and being a coach. It must be really rewarding.

    My plans are “see how it goes”. The PF is still there and I have to ice it most every night. It held up ok for the Fremont Fatass 50K and we’re going to try Adam’s Overgrown Fatass Marathon tomorrow. But I don’t think there’s any point in entering races if I can’t train effectively and run while constantly thinking about where to land so my foot won’t hurt. So, hopefully it will get better eventually and I’ll see you out there one of these days!

    Good luck and I’ll be watching to see your successes roll in!


  2. TonyP says:

    I think you have put together a great schedule. I will be at Javelina again this year (my 3rd run of it) and you will love that race. A great choice for a 100-miler.

  3. runrunrunrun says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. I think of your poor foot often! I really hope it gets better. It is so hard to be injured and you’ve been dealing with it for a long time. Keep up your good spirits. It will get better eventually.

    Tony, I am nervous, but excited. I’ve actually had a breakthrough weekend. At the end of both back to backs I felt like I could really keep going. I seem to have somehow broken that barrier that often comes around mile 18 or so. Ran 22 yesterday and 14 today. Honestly, I could have just kept running both days. However, I figured my family might be expecting me home 🙂


  4. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for your concern. I do think it’s getting better though- past the acute phase. I should have started icing much sooner. After yesterday’s event (6000 ft of climbing) it seems ok. I was slower than last year, partly because of the tenderfoot descending. Probably hills are challenging for it too because of the dorsiflexion in the ankle- pulls on the fascia hard. Friel doesn’t recommend hill training for his athletes with PF or achilles problems for that reason. So I have to be careful how much hill training to throw in.

    Are you interested in next weekend’s Saratoga Fatass? (three different loops starting and ending at the Rt 9/Skyline intersection) It’s listed on the Run 100’s ultra site.

  5. DavidH says:

    What an amazing year planned! I am completely excited for you and look forward to following your journey.

    Also, congrats on the Runner of the Year award! Awesome stuff. 🙂

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