I live in Northern California with my three boys and two dogs.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, and also had the wonderful experience of living in London, England.

I am a proud member of the South Valley Running Club, a group of a fabulous people in Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy, California, who run at all levels. In 2009, I was named Runner of the Year by the South Valley Running Club, and in 2012 I was named Volunteer of the Year.



San Francisco (2005), Prague (2006), London (2007), Silicon Valley (2007, 2008), San Diego (2008), Top of Utah (2009), Bizz Johnson (2009), Boston (2010), Morgan Hill (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), ZombieRunner Bay Trail (2010), Napa Valley (2011), Tucson (2011), New Almaden Trail (2015), Marine Corps (2017)


Way Too Cool (2008, 2010), PCTR Sequoia (2009), Skyline Lake Chabot (2009), PCTR Muir Beach (2009), Quicksilver (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014), San Lorenzo River (2010, 2014), Santa Cruz Mountains (2010), Dirty Legs Relay  (2011), PCTR Lake Chabot (2011), Coastal Crystal Springs (2011, 2012), Chuckanut (2013), Mt Tam (2013), Big Basin (2014), Born to Run (2015)


American River 50 (2009), The North Face Challenge San Francisco (2009, 2012), Tahoe Rim (2010, 2014), Bryce Canyon (2015)


Born to Run 100K (2011)


Rocky Raccoon 100-miler (2012), Pine to Palm (2015)

Beyond the Run

2012, 2013 President, SVRC

2012 Volunteer of the Year, South Valley Running Club

2010 Runner of the Year, South Valley Running Club

2010 Race Director, SVRC Mt. Madonna Challenge 6K, 12K, 18K Trail Run

2009 Assistant Race Director, SVRC Mt. Madonna Challenge 6K, 12K, 18K Trail Run

Became an RRCA Certified Running Coach in Nov. 2009

Selection Committee member for the REACH Youth Scholarship Program.  The REACH Youth Scholarship Program has provided college funds to high school students over the past 12 years who have overcome adversity to excel in academics and sports. REACH stands for Recognizing Excellence, Adversity, Courage and Hard Work.

Former member of the Board of Directors of the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame. Established in 1995, the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame honors those who have made extraordinary contributions in the sports world


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  1. tedd says:

    Hi JW, I was delighted to find your Web site. I live in Aptos, and I run 30-45 miles per week (ok, sometimes only 25). I have been training and running intensely for about a year now…PR in the half is 1:43, PR in marathon is 4:03 in SF last August (given this hilly course, I’m convinced I can run a 3:45 or thereabouts, if the stars align). Anyway, I ran 5 halfs and two marathons in 2008. I’m 44 years old, and I share your passion for this discipline, and I really enjoy how you use it as a “window on the world” as seen in this Web site. I do the same…not too many people understand me, though! Anyway, I love how grounded and humble you seem to be; as I’m sure you’d agree, endurance running demands humility! Not to say that it can’t be mixed with a certain kind of pride, however…the pride you express when you say that you embrace your results, both good and bad. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am enjoying your site. Maybe I can run with your group sometime…I run in the Forest of Nisene Marks, but those rollling hills beckon also. Regards,


  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Wow, Tedd!! What a lovely comment. Thank you so much!

    I used to live in Aptos. I lived right by the beach and could walk to the cement ship easily from my house. I have run the Forest of Nisene Marks too. And I have to say, the Aptos Coffee Roasting House is the best coffee anywhere 🙂 I still take my kids to Capitola Pediatrics and we always stop by the coffee house on the way home.

    Sounds like you are doing great. Two marathons and five half marathons and you’ve only been training seriously for a year. Incredible! You will be able to do a 3:45 marathon. That is my target too as it gets me to Boston. My marathon PR is 3:52.

    I highly recommend if you like running Nisene Marks, you check out some Pacific Coast Trail events (http://www.pctrailruns.com/).

    You can’t beat them. A group from my runninging club will be doing Sequioa (http://www.pctrailruns.com/Sequoia_Wntr.htm).

    I am running the 50K and everyone else is running the 30K. Let me know if you decide to go and our group could try and find you.

    All the best,

  3. run4change says:

    JW, you lucky girl. How and the heck did you make it into Way to Cool. This is nearly impossible. HAHAHA Just searching wordpress for endurance running. I just did my 8 th marathon yesterday and have done 4 ultras. I lost 130 lbs with running and Weight watchers. Keep up the good work. Like your blog

  4. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Run4Change

    First, great name! Second, congratulations on losing 130 lbs! That is incredible. I got into Way Too Cool by being Johnny-on-the-Spot with my registration. I was sitting by my computer with active.com open and I just kept hitting “refresh” until registration opened. I was registered within 2 minutes. That is the only way to do it.

    You can try the PCTR events. They are a great alternative. I run them often and they are beautiful!


  5. tedd says:

    JW, I once scoped out a PTR event, a trail half marathon in the park above Pacifica last summer. I turned out that I didn’t get to run it, because my neighborhood caught fire last summer, and I had to stay around home and deal with that (everything ok). But when I walked the train, I came to the conclusion that single track just wasn’t for me — I felt that the steeple chase aspect (scratchy bushes, poison oak, nettles) plus the deep ruts in the trail from mountain bikers, was something I just didn’t want to deal with. Was this course anomalous? I like fire road, but remain sceptical of single track trail runs…fear of ankle injury and poison oak.

  6. runrunrunrun says:

    PCTR events have a lot of single track. Your experience was probably pretty standard. Way Too Cool would be a good one for you. It has single track, but also fire road. I am signing up for the Bizz Johnson trail marathon in October. Maybe that would be one to look into?

  7. tedd says:

    Hi JW, Looks like I’m down with a calf pull, probably for two weeks — guru quack Warren Scott says that I’ve been pounding too much downhill, and need to lay off that some when I’m up and running again…so just in the gym cross training…lucky its raining alot, so I don’t feel like I’m missing too much. Every time I get beyond 35 m per week, some injury pops up. Making me nuts. Onr idea I have is to get down to the bottom of my acceptable weight range (rather than the top). Maybe I will be less injury prone.


  8. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Tedd

    I had the same problem of getting injured after adding miles. Then I adopted the approach of increase for 3 weeks, pull back on week 4. I also do a lot of easy runs. I probably push it 2-3 days a week, and go easy 3 days a week. And I stretch. See my article on plantar fasciitis.

    Put all of that together and I now average 50 miles a week.

    I hear cross training also really helps, but I can’t muster up the interest. Too many others things I want to do with my time 🙂

    Hope that helps!

  9. tedd says:

    I hate cross training also! But my idea was that maybe I was getting injured, in part, because my core strength was not good enough.

    JW, here is a interesting exchange I had with another runner, a 55 yr old man who is going to run his first half marathon in May at the Avenue of the Giants (I may decide to run the first half with him in order to keep myself on a relaxed pace through 13).


    “I…have to make myself get out the door at 5 am; after the first 15 minutes, and I start to warm up, I really start to enjoy it. I love the crisp air, the rhythmic breathing. I don’t carry an iPod on anything like a lot of people. I like listening to the sounds around me; I feel it keeps me tuned into what’s happening around me. Over the course of the last few months I’ve also learned to listen to what my body is telling me and am pretty good about adjusting pace, method, foot placement, breathing.There’s no science to it; I just use my intuition and do what my body is telling me. What got me hooked, was when I was [one time that ] I happened to run farther than I had previously, and after about an hour I started to feel a sense of euphoria and tingling sensations all over my body. I had never felt that in all the years I had been exercising. The feeling was so overwhelming that I started to have tears in my eyes–that’s how great it felt. It has been the watershed moment for me. I haven’t felt that since, but no matter. I still like running and if I get that “high” then it ‘s a bonus. I’d just like to stay off all that medication that people in my age group turn to.


    I really relate to that description of euphoria “with tears in the eyes.” I get this way too! I have a particular run that I do, its an 18 mile out and back, with 1500 foot elevation gain in the Forest of Nisene Marks. Sometimes I find myself out there, 15 miles out in the woods, running like a maniac, and I think, man, I’m 44 years old, and look what I can do! I find such honesty and dignity in this discipline. Basically, running for me is a form of spiritual practice — runnning is a prayer. I think of it like this…running is the pure form of trying (anything at all). It has preparation, visualization, a preamble, a beginning, a middle, and an end. Across these moments, the entire spectrum of human feeling plays out…I feel like I replay every trial I have ever faced in my life, and in doing so, I rehearse for future challenges. I shake hands with suffering, and also with the breathtaking seriousness of purpose that is (our) human courage.

  10. runrunrunrun says:

    Very nice! You should write a blog!

  11. Eric Donato says:

    I’ve ran 10 marathons and now considering an ultra.
    I’m not a fast runner but do have the endurance. Any suggestions for a good, runner/walker friendly ultra?

    love your blog!

  12. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for the kind words on my Blog! I would recommend Skyline on Lake Chabot, which is in August, or Way Too Cool in Auburn, which is in March. If you have done 10 marathons you will be fine. There is a great training plan on Runners World for your first Ultra.

    Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!


  13. XLMIC says:

    Hi! Found your blog when I googled psoas images 🙂 I’m coping with a psoas/iliacus issue and feeling beyond frustrated. I’m sure you understand. I’m a fellow Bay Area runner with a bunch of kids 🙂 Enjoying reading your stuff!

  14. runrunrunrun says:

    Thank you! Just hang in there with your foot. It absolutely sucks. Did you go to a physical therapist?

  15. Hi! My name is Mary Seehafer, captain of Team Wicked. Our team has been running The Relay every year for the past seven years in a row. This year we are short a few runners and desperately need to find 3 runners by this Friday May 1st. Would you please help me find 3 courageous runners for the team?
    The Relay is a 194 mile relay style run starting in Calistoga, ending in Santa Cruz. We will meet at a single spot on Friday, load up our vans and head north to Calistoga. Throughout the weekend each runner will run a total of approximately 15 miles split up 3 separate times. Friday night hotel stay is optional ($84), or sleep in the van. Van rental fee is $50 per person and another $20 for gas. Cash is needed through out the weekend for food and drink. You should be fine bringing $250. After the event we will return you back to your vehicle left in San Jose.
    This is a life changing event. Every year it’s different because of the amazing people I meet along the journey. I hope you can join us.
    Please spread the word!


    Captain Mary & TEAM WICKED

  16. julianneruns says:

    Hi Mary

    Sure! I’ll send a note to the South Valley Running Club.

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