Great Places to Run in Morgan Hill

I am so lucky to live in the beautiful Morgan Hill, California. It is very peaceful and yet very close to the heart of Silicon Valley.

If you are looking for partners, please join us at the South Valley Running Club.  SVRC is a group of runners of all ages and abilities.  We have runs almost every day of the week and monthly socials/meetings.  It is a really great group of people.

Here are local places I recommend running.

NEW RUN: One of my running partners and I just ran Rancho Canada del Oro for the first time.  He did a nice post about it that includes details on trails and directions how to get there.

I recently posted a run about Henry Coe State Park.  Take a read, it includes a map and everything.

I live on Lake Anderson and I train on these hills all the time. I recommend the 15 mile run to and from Henry Coe that starts at the lake.

If you are new to trail running, or want a nice 4-mile introduction, my dog (he runs this one with me) and I recommend from Anderson Lake Dam Park, up Serpentine Trail, across the dam and into the hills.

Harvey Bear State Park offers miles and miles of lovely trail running, good climbs and rolling hills. The longest run I have done at Harvey Bear is 21 miles, but you could do more. There are cows, wild boar, deer, bobcats…

Coyote Creek Trail runs about 15 miles, from Morgan Hill to San Jose. It is great for marathon training. I bet I have run this route hundreds of times. I have seen at least four rattle snakes, two coyotes that I can remember, a bobcat or two, a skunk, etc. etc. etc.

On occasion, and always with club members (see past blog about my sense of direction), I get to run Mt. Madonna.

There are a number of wonderful parks in Santa Clara County. Visit their website to learn more: Santa Clara County Parks.

And for speed training, come on over to Live Oak High School Track. Anyone can use it as long as the kids aren’t in session. The address is 1505 East Main, Morgan Hill.

Source of photos:

Lake Anderson:

Anderson Lake Dam Park trail:

Harvey Bear:

Coyote Creek Trail:

Mt. Madonna:


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    Is there any email listsrv or group to post group trail runs? I am new to Morgan Hill and a trail runner. Looking for some group runs to join. We used a Yahoo Group back east to post a planned run and to see if anyone else wanted to join.

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Scott. There are two great options. SVRC (South Valley Running Club) and SV Endurance Both are wonderful groups of runners.


  3. Francesca says:

    Hi JW!
    I just moved to MH and I live near El Toro. I noticed that most of the hills are private property, which is unfortunate. Have you, yourself, ran through any of the hills or even El Toro?

  4. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Francesca – There are tons of hills to climb that are not private. I recommend you hit the San Martin entrance of Harvey Bear county park. Miles of beautiful hills. You can also run Henry Coe State Park. There are entrances in Morgan Hill and Gilroy. If you feel like driving a little, QuickSilver in South San Jose is a gorgeous trail run. On the other end, there is Mt Madonna County Park in Gilroy. All four of these options provide hills galore for you to traverse. Have fun!

  5. Heather says:

    What would be a safe, relatively flat run (18 miles) in Morgan Hill? Thanks!!

  6. julianneruns says:

    Hi Heather. If you want guaranteed flat, I’d run Coyote Creek Trail. Totally safe. Totally flat. The trail goes all the way to San Jose (15 miles) and is marked every half mile. Go out 9 and then come on back. There are always bikers and runners out there. You can catch the trail at Malaguetra and Morning Star Drive off Cochrane.

  7. carol says:

    Hi! I am in town from Golden,Co for work. I love to trail run hills and found your site. I went to run at Andersen Lake and while I went was a little hesitant because no one was there?? What’s the deal with that place? You cant find an empty trail at home so I was wondering why it was so empty.

  8. julianneruns says:

    Hi Carol. I’m glad my site was helpful! The Lake Anderson trail isn’t used that much. It’s mainly people who live nearby. If you want more options and people, try Harvey Bear. It’s beautiful and usually has an assortment of runners, hikers, cyclists and horse back riders.

  9. Great info. Thank you!

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