Races in and around Morgan Hill, CA

Local Runners, Mark Your Calendars!

I offer this page as a place to consolidate upcoming races in Morgan Hill and the surrounding area. Please click on the links for details, registration and the latest information. Details are subject to change, and I might not catch them, so make sure you check the official sites.

I am happy to list any races in the Morgan Hill area.  Just send me the information via “Comments” at the bottom of this page.

In addition there are great trail runs multiple times per month in and around the Bay Area by Coastal Trail Runs.   Distances typically range from 10K-50K.


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  1. Yvonne Duckett says:

    Hi JW,
    Great website!
    I just wanted to personally invite you to our Wildflower Run on April 5th this year.
    Thank you for listing it on your racing MH page.
    Could you please update the link to our new site for the 2009 race information? The new link is:
    Thanks bunches,
    We’d love to see you at our race, but hope to see you on the trail,
    Director of the AAUW Wildflower Run 2009

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    All updated and thanks for the invite!

  3. Yvonne Duckett says:

    Hi JW,
    I very much appreciate your organization of the upcoming local runs.
    Thanks again for listing the Wildflower Run 2010.
    Run on,

  4. runrunrunrun says:

    You bet, Yvonne. – JW

  5. Yvonne Duckett and I became acquainted at the Morgan Hill CRC. I attended the Wildflower Run and an slowly getting back into running. As medical professionals, our center braces and plints may athletic injuries. As a matter of fact, on Saturday, April 24, from 10AM to 3PM, we’re having a FREE Sports Injury Clinic @ the Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Center. Twelve (12) medical professionals will be available to answer questions and give instructions on not only how to avoid injuries but they’ll also give instructions on how to heal injuries much more quickly. The latest in athletic equipment will also be displayed. Hope to see you there!

  6. For additional information about Saturday April 24, 2010 ,Free Sports Injury Clinic @ the Morgan Hill Centennial Recreation Center – phone Phyllis Tubbs-Gingerich @ the Ginger-K Center 408-782-1028 or 408-499-2135.

  7. Laura says:


    I live in Hollister and think your blog is great. I am a new jogger! I was interested in the Coyote Creek Trail, Morgan Hill Turkey Trot on the 20th. I was wondering if you had any more details on it. The linked website is a bit vague. I thought you might know a bit more because it is a local event.


  8. karen says:

    I live near SFO and for 2014, I’d like to run my 1st ultra at 50k and if I survive that do a 50m within the same year:) I’ve completed 2 full marathons road races so I’m excited in the idea of a 50k.

    Any suggestions on where I begin–what races are good for beginners? I was eyeing on the Quicksilver and Horshe Trail race in May.

    Thanks so much in advance! You have a great and helpful site here!

  9. julianneruns says:

    Hi Karen – You probably ran it already, but just in case, I’d look at the Coastal Trail Run options. They put on a 50K about twice a month all over the Bay area, some harder than others. Their sites will show you all the elevation and course descriptions. They have frequent aid stations that are well stocked and a lot of first time 50K-ers, so you won’t be along on your quest for the 31 miles. http://www.coastaltrailruns.com

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m new to running and just wondering how to find out about upcoming runs throughout the bay and south valley/South Bay areas? Is there a FB page you reccomend following?
    Thank you

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