Runner’s Bookshelf

In addition to running, I read a lot.  In fact, I read a lot about running.   Read “I am obsessed” for more.

I thought I’d try something new and offer my running bookshelf to you.  If a book is on this page, I have read it, really enjoyed it and it sits on my home bookshelf.  I will keep the list small and specific so there is no guess work.  You will enjoy these.  If it didn’t strike me as special, it won’t make the list. I do review some books on my site and I will include the links.  

 My favorite running story. CC Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race, by Geoff Williams.

 My second favorite running story.   God on the Starting Line, by Marc Bloom.

 Favorite book about a runner. Pre, by Tom Jordan

 Favorite book about a race. The Perfect Mile, by Neal Bascomb

 Book that made me laugh the most.  I Run, therefore I am Nuts, by Bob Schwartz.

 Favorite book about the business of running.  Swoosh: The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men who Played There, by Strasser and Becklund


2 Comments Add yours

  1. fitolddog says:

    I’d like to recommend a book by a guy who impressed me. He also has aortic disease. Benjamin Carey. He ran the NYC Marathon, one year after open heart surgery for an ascending aortic aneurysm (mines just a regular AAA, but I’m still enjoying Ironman in my 70s – sure would love to do Boston again).
    Anyway, Benjamin’s book and entitled Barefoot In November. Impressed me.
    Kevin aka FitOldDog
    PS The book that helped me the most with running, was Jack Heggie’s “Running With The Whole Body.”

  2. julianneruns says:

    Thank you for recommending!

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