Why I love Daily Mile

My endurance athlete friend has been mentioning Daily Mile for about a year now.

It is billed as a social training log for runners, triathletes, and cyclists. DailyMile claims it is the easiest way to share your training with friends and stay motivated.

I didn’t understand why anyone needed another social networking site for athletes.  I have a blog. I have a Facebook. There’s Runnersworld.com. Twitter. My running club site. etc., etc., etc.

I finally logged onto the site, just to take a look.  I wasn’t sold at first, but I liked the look of the training log.  So let’s start there.

JW's Daily Mile Log

It’s very user friendly and tracks just the right amount of detail: distance, time, pace, effort, terrain, weather, and shoes.  You can view by day, week, month, year, or lifetime stats.  If you are a triathlete, you can slice it by sport.  It even tells you how many donuts you have burned over your lifetime of running.  A little humor is always a good thing!

Then I started getting “friend requests”.  I kept thinking, “Why would anyone I didn’t know want to follow my training? How boring.”

But then I met Tara, Darcy, Dave, and others.  Tara is a mother who, like me, completed her first 50M last year and is now training for her first 100M.  Darcy just finished the C25K program (couch to 5K). Dave, a dad, runs his first 100M next month. I ask them questions, follow their training, and hopefully help motivate them. They do the same for me.  I learn about a lot of races and training programs that normally would never cross my path.

JW's Daily Mile Profile

Other cool things about Daily Mile: Forums, Events, Communities, and Challenges.  Here is a sampling of Challenges highlighted today: Run 100 miles (634 participants), Run around the world (171 participants), 2010 miles in 2010 (117 participants).

Need a new route close to where you live?  You can find that too, and you can share routes with others.

Daily Mile running routes near Morgan Hill

Launched December 18, 2008, Daily Miles claims 4, 262, 418 total miles have been logged by their athletes.  That is pretty impressive.  You can search for races anywhere in the world and post race reviews.  A number of runners post videos and photos.  I find this not only interesting, but useful!  One of my “friends” just posted a series of videos from the Bandera 100K.  These will prove invaluable for any future competitor.

You can send “motivation” to other athletes, or “smack talk” for fun.  You can also link your Daily Mile log to many blog sites and Facebook (although, I can’t figure it out for WordPress), and import your Nike+ data.

One outcome of Daily Mile, I don’t seem to be blogging as much!  So I decided to combine the two, and blog about my favorite new running site.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this post. It helped me find the utility of the routes feature!

  2. Kelly says:

    Great post on dailymile! Thanks for the positive words!

  3. Caleb says:

    Great post…I am also a big dailymile fan (Caleb M.). Saw you were trying to figure how to export to WordPress: Check the Widgets link in the footer of the dailymile site, you can grab code for a sidebar widget to toss on your blog that will show your most recent entry, next race, etc.

  4. DavidH says:

    I agree with you JW. The site is a lot more fun, useful, and supportive than I ever would have expected. Truly a community vibe. (at least to me)

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