Girl writes blog. Boy reads blog.

Last night I was clicking through old comments on my blog, encouraged by the reception my Sugar Free post received, and I stumbled upon this quick exchange from six years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.09.38 AM

The question was posed by my now partner-in-running and life, Scott, when he first moved to Morgan Hill from Pennsylvania. As you can see from my response, I gave it no more thought than any other question I have received.

But this little exchange led Scott to the South Valley Running Club, of which I was president for a while.

However, as luck, fate, timing, and karma would have it, our paths would not cross for more than a couple years even though we now lived in the same small town and ran with the same club.

We finally did meet, at a running club event no less, when Scott kindly asked to carry the crate of water I was lugging up the stairs. I declined.

I then asked everyone attending the meeting to introduce themselves because there were so many people I did not know. (As an aside, I am starting to question my effectiveness as president. Apparently, I skipped half our events and didn’t know half our members.)

Scott introduced himself and said he was looking for trail runners. Said he’d been here for a few years now and still hadn’t really found a core group.  Being a good trail running ambassador, I let him know about our little crew and invited him to join us any time he liked.

It took a few more months for us to run together and then eventually go on a date. We’ve been inseparable since.

I love our story because it was a series of little decisions that seemed inconsequential at the time + good timing (thank you karma and thank you blog) that ended up bringing us together. The decision to blog many years ago. The decision to ask a question on a blog. The decision to join a running group. The decision to attend a particular meeting on a certain day. The decision to invite a new person to run with your group. The decision to accept. And on and on and on.

Or as Scott likes to say, SVRC is a great dating service.

If you see us running around town or at Harvey Bear or Mt. Madonna, please say Hi. We met a new member of the Morgan Hill community just yesterday at our local Bucks. He overheard us talking and asked if we were runners. By the end of the chat he was signing up for SVRC. Who knows what his future will bring.

Life is amazing that way.  Things just have a way of working out.

Tahoe Rim Trail
Cheers from the Tahoe Rim Trail 2015





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