JW's Running

2011 In Review


I started 2011 with only two goals: Run 100K and Have Fun.

OMG! It totally worked!

I won a local 50K and a local 10K (how cool is that?!).

I ran at 3:00AM with legend Pam Reed (how cool is that?!).

I finished my first 100K with some of my best friends and got to experience the wonderfulness that is Luis Escobar (catching on… totally cool!).

I had the honor of volunteering a considerable amount of time at multiple races and through coaching (loved it each and every time).

I started a 6-month training program for a 100 miler with two of my great long-time running partners (with 5 weeks to go, we are in really good shape).

And I was voted president of my running club for 2012 (yup, you guessed it, cool!).

Not too shabby a year!  And I had great fun with all of it.

Cheers to everyone!  Thank you 2011 and welcome 2012!!