Posted by: julianneruns | May 2, 2010

Wanna give ultramarathoning a try? Read this great training write up on

I was web surfing to find details on this weekend’s Miwok 100K, which lead me to, of course. Something new caught my eye that I wanted to pass along. The iRunFar team has done a nice write up on ultramarathon training.  In fact, Bryon Powell, editor-in-chief of and an accomplished endurance athlete (10th place under 20 hours at Leadville in 2009), is my ultra coach.  For the record, he is outstanding.  In any event, thought this article was worth a read, especially for new ultrarunners or those wanting to give it a go.

Ultramarathon Training from Click the image to link to the article.

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  1. That was a good overview.

    I thought you might enjoy this post about unloading after a race:

    I think my injuries caught up with me after the SF marathon last year when I quickly ramped up the mileage rather than taking some recovery time.

    Good luck at QS. I’m still debating what to do (could use a long “easy” run before Ohlone but not sure that QS qualifies!).

  2. Hi Julianne,

    I went ahead and signed up for the 50K this Saturday. So maybe I’ll get to see you for a few minutes before the start!

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