Sunday in Boston

It’s 3:30 in Boston and I am hanging out at the Marriott Starbucks, where the wireless is free.  Runners are all around me doing the exact same thing.

I started the day with a coffee and jog.  Saw the finish line, Boston Commons, and watched the high school 1 mile invitational.  The weather is still overcast and chilly, but I tested my new arm warmers (an Expo purchase) and I will be just fine tomorrow.

After my “shake it out” run, I met a man from Mexico who qualified in Canada and works in the town in Texas where I grew up!  Such a small world.  If you see a man in a yellow shirt with a Mexican flag and the name “Alfonso” (as in Capone, he tells me while laughing), cheer extra loud. Alfonso gave me a lot of great tips for tomorrow, which I plan to follow!

Met my parents after church and headed for my favorite Sunday meal, pancakes and eggs. While walking around, even my stepdad was impressed with all the activity.  In his words, “This really is very cool.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Needed to start getting my head around tomorrow, so I said good bye to my family, and started to get my kit organized and my mind quieted.  That lasted an hour and I was bored.  So now I find myself once again in the hustle and bustle of runners and their supporters.

Pre-race dinner at 6:00 with friends and then there is nothing left to do but try to sleep.  It will be hard; kind of like Christmas Eve as a kid.

The finish line of tomorrow's Boston Marathon
Loved this sign on the side a beautiful church
Boston Common
Boston Common
Me and my mom near tomorrow's finish
Me and my stepdad. The three of us (me, mom, stepdad) took like 12 photos in this exact spot. Ha ha.
Everything is laid out, pinned on, packed and ready for the morning

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  1. Amy says:

    Good luck today!

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