Saturday in Boston

Entering the 2010 Boston Marathon Expo

Today has been great.  The energy is unbelievable here.  I have never felt so much anticipation for an event.  26,000 runners.  500,000 spectators.  1100 media outlets. In fact, the Boston marathon is second only to the Super Bowl as the most covered single day sporting event.

Runners are a wonderful group of people.  We have no problem becoming instant friends merely because we run.  I met one of those friends, David, this morning and we headed over to the expo.  We were a bit shocked by the crowds, but it just added to the fun.  People are clearly thrilled and honored to be here, and we are no exception.

My friend David and I. Love this one because we just look so happy to be getting our Boston bibs.
After giving out my packet, this fab volunteer provided all sorts of tips on navigating the expo and running the race

After picking up our numbers, and having our photos taken by the lovely volunteers, we entered the vortex that is the Expo.  My partner for the day said, “I don’t think I am going to get any schwag.” That lasted literally 10 seconds.  About $200 a piece and 90 minutes later, we left complete with  jacket, hat, arm warmers, shirt, and personalized pace band from Nike.  I added to the loot with Boston gifts for my husband and kids.

After our lovely afternoon excursion, I met up with my mom and stepdad for tea and chit chat, followed by a great dinner at Wagamamas.  I think my parents are as excited to be here as I am. They are planning their Monday.  They will watch the first few hours of the marathon from their cozy hotel room as it will be broadcast live. They signed up to receive text alerts and will be monitoring my progress.  About an hour before I cross the 26.2, they will head down to the finish line and watch the action.

Tomorrow will be a little jogging in the morning, possibly followed by church and more time with my family, and finally I will hit the runner’s pre-race dinner with friends. I had planned to spend a few hours working in my hotel room.  Ha ha.  That is soooo not happening.  This is the Boston Freakin’ Marathon! Good times! Good times!


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