Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2009 in Review


  • Total Miles: ~2200
  • Total Races: 9
  • Ultras: 5
  • Marathons: 2
  • Favorite all around race experience: North Face Challenge 50M
  • Second favorite all around race experience: Skyline 50K, Lake Chabot
  • Proudest accomplishment: Tie between my first 50 (American River) and qualifying for Boston (Top of Utah)
  • Best family moment: Having my husband send me great text messages such as, “An old man on crutches just crossed the finish.  Where are you?” during my last 2 hours of AR50, and then seeing my husband and three boys at the finish line
  • Toughest course: Muir Beach 50K
  • Strongest effort: Top of Utah Marathon
  • Best schwag: AR50 jacket
  • Best medal: North Face Challenge
  • Best shirt: North Face Challenge
  • Best aid stations: Any PCTR event
  • Biggest “lazy”: Stopped going to the gym and doing any real arm or core work
  • Biggest bummer of a day: Kim and Lynn both DNF’ing
  • Training partner I ran the most miles with: Carrie and Lynn
  • Training partner I crossed the most finish lines with: Carrie
  • Training partner I explored the Mormon Tabernacle with: Kim
  • Best training run I did alone: Maunawili Demonstration Trail, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Best new training run: Yosemite
  • Most boring old training run, but still gets the job done: Coyote Creek Trail
  • Best use of money: getting a coach
  • Worst use of money: two races I paid for and didn’t run
  • Best running-related gift: digital camera to take on trail runs
  • Best new (to me) on-line community for runners: Daily Mile
  • Best new (to me) calendar/registration for runners: Ultra Sign Up
  • Favorite Blog: tie between Krissy Moehl and Scott Dunlap
  • Best on-line race coverage: Transrockies
  • Most exciting race to follow: Transrockies
  • Most interesting elite athletes to follow this year: Krissy Moehl and Caitlin Smith
  • Best running club: SVRC (svrchome.org) of course!


  • Proudest moment: My son’s starring role in the 4th-grade production of Treasure Island
  • Toughest moment: the death of my dear friend, Cindy
  • Biggest accomplishment: creating a flexible work schedule that enables me to pick my children up from school every day
  • Biggest failure: my lack of commitment to getting to church



  • Run in the mountains at least once
  • Become stronger at the 50K
  • Run more than 50 miles
  • Successfully race direct the Mt. Madonna Challenge
  • Coach 3 new runners
  • Raise money for cancer research


  • Devote myself to the people I love and those who love me
  • Devote myself to the community around me
  • Devote myself to building something that is meaningful
  • Church, cooking, patience


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