Why the South Valley Running Club is Great

I have been a member of the South Valley Running Club for almost two years.  I was thinking this weekend how lucky I am to have met all these great people.

On Saturday, I had to do a 22-miler starting at 5:45AM.  Did I go it alone?  Of course not!  Kim called the night before to say she could meet me.  Kim and I are both tackling Top of Utah in a few weeks, so we not only started together in the wee-dark hours of Saturday, we finished the final 5-mile tempo together too.

At 6:30AM, Kim and I landed at the Coyote Creek trailhead where we picked up four other members of SVRC.  For the next 90 minutes we ran as a group, swapping places and talking partners.  I had not run with Craig or Jimmy in a long time and it was great fun just to chat it up.  Craig and I talked about books.  Jimmy and I talked about schools.  Before we knew it, it was 8:00AM.

We were back to the trailhead to pick up about ten more people from the club.  I ran with Lynn and Kevin for a while.  Chatted with Steve, Andy and Marti. And then peeled off to find Kim so we could get that final tempo done.  During our tempo, Kim and I talked marathon fears and strategy.  We checked in on each other’s training and had one of those, “What could go wrong,” conversations.

After the run, a group of about 20 of us met up at a local diner for breakfast.  Lynn and Kevin are joining ultra elites at the TransRockies race this weekend and we all wanted to wish them well.  I looked around the table at everyone who turned out.  A nicer group of folks you couldn’t find.  All different ages, stages of life, and running levels.  All came out just to say “good luck” and enjoy the morning together.  For a moment, as I watched everyone talk, pass syrup, toast their coffees, I thought  the scene would make a nice ending to a good John Hughes movie (bless him).

I joined SVRC reluctanly.  Like most runners, I enjoy running on my own.  What is the point of a club?  But my good friend was a member and he told me I would really like the people.  And then I ran with Craig, our president, and enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it again.  I figured, what’s $20 (the annual fee).

I have learned so much about running from these great people.  I have learned about heart rates, and track workouts, and how to really train for a marathon.  Along the way I have picked up many good partners for training and racing and just enjoying.  I have also learned to give back to the sport and community that gives me so much.  I wrote the club newsletter for a year.  I have volunteered at many races and  I am learning to coach and race direct too.  All because of SVRC.

And I still run on my own, more often than not.  But now I have an incredibly nice group of people who teach me and cheer for me, and hopefully I do the same in kind.


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  1. I came across your post tonight. My Google alert service directed me to it because you used a “stage of life” phrase in your piece. Normally I move on if the article doesn’t pertain to my business but as a former runner, I took a moment to read your story and longed for the days of marathon training.

    Have a wonderful summer,


  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for the post! I checked out your Stage of Life community. Very cool! I assume you used to do marathons but have stopped? Why don’t you run them any more?


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