Addicted to my Buff

Fresh from this morning's run, wearing my Buff
Fresh from yesterday's run, wearing my Buff

Billed as “a uniquely versatile garment, wear it in up to 12 different ways for protection, comfort and FUN,” the Buff doesn’t seem like much more than a standard headband … until you get one.

Mine came in the form of a gift from a friend.  I believe the conversation went something like this.

Friend: I ordered a couple Buffs.  I read about them on
JW: What’s a Buff?  Did you get me one as a present?!
Friend: Um. Well. Um.  Yes, I did!  Of course.

Ahhh, well, you can’t get if you don’t ask.  My “gift” arrived about a month ago.  I was hesitant.  I felt like a Suvivor-wanna-be.  But my running partner looked super cool, and loved his, so I gave it a go.

Well low-and-behold, I wear my Buff all the time now!  I think I feel hip in it or something.  LOL.  It actually reminded me that I used to be kind of cool in college and would have totally worn something like this.  Not only do I run in it, but I go to Safeway in it.  I garden in it.  I bake in it.  I am addicted to my Buff!

It’s comfortable,  can be worn in at least 12 different ways, is easy to wash out, is offered in varied and gorgeous colors and patterns, and provides an alternative to a hat.  The Buff uses CoolMax fabric, to wisk the sweat away, and offers 95% UV protection.

Two down sides.  First, it doesn’t provide shade.  They do offer Buff Visors, but I don’t yet have one.   Second, I wear hearing aides when not running and the Buff falls right on top of them.  It’s a bit annoying, but for most people this obviously isn’t an issue.

Other cool Buff lines include a Polar Buff for winter and Reflective Buffs for running when it’s dark.

At $23.00, you can’t go wrong!

PowerPoint Slide Show - [Ways to Wear a Buff.ppt] 6242009 100911 AM


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