Hey – I’m Quoted!

So who cares if the column is written by my friend, our club president and a frequent running mate.  And who cares if it’s a small local magazine.  I’m still quoted! That’s never happened before!  (Can you tell that I get excited by all the little things in life?)

I have now been in print twice for running.  The other time was last year when I placed 2nd overall female in the Mt. Madonna Challenge 12K.  Who cares if there were only like 20 females racing?  Second place is second place and a quote is a quote!  (It’s a great race, by the way.  If you are local, you should sign up.)

Click below to read the whole article, written by Craig Lore, co-founder of the South Valley Running Club, San Jose State University professor, two-timer at Boston (including this year), Out & About Magazine columnist, and just all-around great guy.

Picture 4



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