Bangalore and Broken Backs

Where have I been since the last post, many weeks ago?

In short, the animal hospital and India.

Wishbone resting
Wishbone resting

My poor dog, Wishbone, who I have chronicled in this blog before, ruptured his spine in four places when doing nothing more than his regular running, jumping, and trotting down stairs.  

About fourteen days ago he went on a 6-mile run with me, as he does twice a week. Nine hours later my son and I noticed he was limping.  Two hours after that he couldn’t use his right hind leg.  By morning, he couldn’t stand at all.  Half his body was paralyzed.  

Seems my two-year old Jack Russell Terrier has brittle bones, the cause of which is abuse he endured as a puppy.  

Wishbone is a rescue dog.  He was found bleeding in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a broken jaw, broken leg, fractured leg, and torn ear. We adopted him at 6-months of age, after he spent 3-months in the hospital healing.

He is a great dog! The boys and I love him!  But for the rest of his life he is not suppose to jump or run hills.  Merely walking down the stairs can cause the discs in his back to rupture.  He is on 30 days of bed rest (crate care is what our vet calls it).  We carry him everywhere.  He can use his hind legs again, but as my husband said, “He walks like a drunken sailor.”

Streets of Bangalore
Streets of Bangalore

With Wishbone under control, I hopped on a plane the day I was meant to be running Ohlone. Destination, Bangalore, India.  

I used to travel 70% of the time.  I have been all around the world.  I ran the Prague marathon (highly recommend it). I have run the steep terrain of Skopelos, Greece. I have run in my own tiny gym in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; by law I couldn’t run outside or use the 3000 sq. ft. gym provided to the men.  

I don’t travel nearly as much any more, a choice I made two years ago.  But when I do, I embrace every minute.  

Having never been to India before, I had no expectations.  I found it fascinating, overwhelming to the senses, energetic, vibrant, colorful.  A country full of contradiction.  I couldn’t run outside (too polluted, too dusty, too crowded, too hard to know where I was going), so I stuck to the treadmill and the swimming pool.  

So now I am home and looking forward to the summer.  My boys all just finished school. I am telecommuting the whole season and enjoying two separate vacations.  I plan to run run run run for the next three months, including a lake trip in the Sierra Mountains and a week on the beaches of Oahu. With no big races planned till September, it should be a wonderful summer to just run and enjoy.  

I just can’t take one of my favorite partners, the one who reminds me to stop and smell the roses, my beloved but broken Wishbone.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    So sad about Wishbone. And weird too. How would abuse result in brittle bones years later?

    Too bad you missed Ohlone. At least it wasn’t another injury, which is what I was guessing. Your summer sounds very excellent. Hope you and your family have a great time!

    News you may find amusing: I did buy a running skirt. They had a very cute ensemble on sale at ZR, so I picked it up. My token girly running clothes!

    Also, you should read “Born to Run.” I don’t usually read that many books about running, but this book is written like a novel, but with interludes of information, background and history. I literally couldn’t put it down. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    I ran Quicksilver 50K (back in May) and Mt Diablo 50K (today-oh joy, everything hurts). I’ll put up a post about them soon.

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Thanks, Cynthia. No injuries for me. I am running just fine.

    My vet said Wishbone has broken and healed in a way that has made is bones brittle and at risk of breaking again very easily. Not sure why or how exactly, but that’s what he said. Poor pup. He really wants to run again.

    I will pick up “Born to Run”! Thanks for the tip!

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