I am running… just not AR50… in a skirt

Part One: I Am Running

I am getting back in shape.  Yesterday I truly ran for the first time in a month.  Not limp-run.  Not hobble-run.  But actual run-run.  A nice 8:30 pace.  Today I ran again. And tomorrow I will do the same.

(Non-sequitur: Today was the second time I have run from my house to my kids’ basketball game.  It does make a girl feel kind of cool to leave the house early and say, “See you there.”)

Problem is, I have lost too much training for AR50 and my leg isn’t 100%.  If I had to quantify it — as my wise partner made me do earlier this week — I’d say it is at 75-80%, which isn’t strong enough for my first 50-miler.

It’s disappointing.  

However, there is no sense crying over spilled milk.  I have two fabulous 50Ks coming in the next two months, followed by another attempt at Boston in September, and my goal of two marathons in two weeks in October. I am starting to enjoy my swimming, which creates a whole new set of goals.  In fact, my friend was mentioning a local triathlon club being formed.  Maybe I will try one of those. I bet I could do a sprint. Although I’d need a bike (LOL).  

The world is full of challenge and adventure!  One race is not the end-all be-all.  Bring it on!

Part Two: My New Running Skirt

Nike Dri-Knit Running SkirtI am a girlie-girl.  I didn’t even own a pair of jeans until third grade.  You won’t catch me in a power suit, even though I am a director at a Fortune 100 company.  I like my long hair, lacy tops, high heels, and sleek sophisticated black.

But I am also an athlete.  I have biceps and abs and can run for 6 straight hours, fairly easily.  I am competitive. I like to take on the boys. I like to win.

I try to merge these two elements of my personality.  I don’t like either to suffer.  The running skirt, in its only silly way, seems to blend both rather nicely.

When the running skirt craze hit — and frankly I think has subsequently died — I was intrigued. They were cute, but they were also basically a tennis skirt.  I played tennis for years. I know a tennis skirt when I see one, no matter what Nike tells me.  Then I went to some races and saw some in action.  Some were cute, some were not.  I decided it wasn’t for me.

Well, last week, I found Nike Dri-fit Core Knit on sale for $11.00 (supporting my notion that the craze has come and gone). So I decided, what the heck.  They are still cute and $20 less than any shorts on the rack.

I have now run three times in two different skirts.  LOVE THEM.  Total convert.  They look flattering.  They move and feel great, better than the Nike Tempo Track that are all the rage. (I have four pair myself.  Not the most attractive shorts ever made.).  And for gals worried that they aren’t modest enough, they show far less than most running shorts and actually have shorts underneath.

The running skirt brings together two distinct elements of who I am.  Give me my skirt; give me my challenges; bring it on!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cynthia says:

    Glad to hear you are running again! But sorry to hear you have to bag AR50. I’m sure being cautious is sensible though. I tend not to be so cautious, and had the urge to do Lake Sonoma 50mile yesterday, then decided I was still too tired from last week. David was glad though he is indestructible. 🙂 I’m still trying to talk him into Diablo though…

    I’m finding that races don’t really aggravate my injuries at all- it’s the faster shorter stuff that causes strains. Of course I’m not as fast as you in races!

    Haven’t tried the skirts. I like the feminine look of long hair too, but prefer to contrast it with a pinstripe suit! Maybe it’s just a holdover from my youth when women hadn’t yet broken into the professions, and we weren’t even allowed to wear pants to school! And I’m a dork in heels, but good for you if you can handle them.

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Ha. Great response! I do love me some nice heels. I am already second guessing not running AR. I might change my mind at the last minute. I haven’t officially dropped. What’s the worse that could happen, a DNF? That in-and-of-itself is an experience. My running partner sent me an email this morning that began with, “Sooooo just in case you are still thinking of running….” LOL.

    Sounds like you are doing great! What is the next big one for you? Miwok? How is training coming?

  3. Cynthia says:

    We’re doing lots of hills, and I’m slowly getting stronger. I was pleased to be sore for only one day after Pirates Cove. Next weekend is a circuit of Diablo to see if I can handle it. I suspect it may get too hot for me during the event, which means basically just walking more than I’d like, hence actually less stress and strain and more time on the feet than actual racing. Miwok is the more important event, but I hate to pass up a challenge. Next year, who knows if I’ll be up to it or have time!

    Good luck deciding re AR50. If you do it, it could be a good baseline for you to use for future comparisons, rather than a best effort ever, bearing in mind that you would feel the need to back off the pace if you felt any twinges. In a race that long, the energy levels will likely wax and wane anyway though. I would decide based on whether I thought I might reinjure myself or be too disappointed in the performance because of the injury. Good luck either way!

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