Status Update: a little running, a little swim

It is March 22nd and I am about one month into my psoas injury.

Bad news

  • Still hobbling when I try to run

Good news 

  • Ran the past two days, if only just for an hour per day.  It’s still something.  
  • Not limping when I walk.  
  • Making it down the stairs without pain.
  • Added strength training back into my regime.  I used to do 150 crunches and 60 push-ups 3-5 times a week, religiously. I had done that since college. Not sure when or why I stopped.  It was about a year ago.  Got back on the saddle last night and added these to the squats and stretches I have been doing every other day.
  • Got in the pool.  Felt great to swim laps after my run today.  I bore easily in the pool, so my initial goal is just to do this once a week.  If I can do it once a week for a month, I know myself and soon once will become twice and twice will become three times.  

    • Luckily, my friend Julie was there.  She swims every weekend.  I made her goal — 30 minutes to complete 30 laps + 10 laps with the kickboard — my goal.  I ended up doing over 50 laps in 30 minutes and was pleased with that.  Was TOTALLY impressed with the gal next to me.  She had used a walker to get into and out of the pool. She was swimming laps almost completely with her arms.  Stud-ette if ever I saw one.

Looks like the good is out-weighing the bad.  Baby steps.


  • Holding out hope.  I will probably hold out hope until the day before.  My hotel room is reserved.  I have my running plan.  I have my nutrition plan.  I have many solid months of training behind me.  Holding out hope.  
  • Leg needs to be 100% to run it, obviously.

P.S. – I wore a running skirt for the first time today.  Loved it! Will do a review later.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cynthia says:

    Glad to hear you are somewhat better. An hour of running is quite a lot. I ran into someone at Pirates Cove 50k on Saturday who told me he also got injured doing Sequoia. He got some help from a chiropractor who then cracked one of his ribs! He said he hadn’t run more than a mile in weeks. So he was not in great training shape. And then he went and ran faster than me! (I’m frequently a bit faster than him- he’s 60)

    Everyone I talk to or read about is injured at some time or another, but rebounds pretty well. Devon was laid up for a time last month not able to run at all, then rocked Way Too Cool while holding back for Boston. Jean Pommier had a shin problem and couldnt train for a while, but did great too. So I have hopes you’ll be able to make AR50 too.

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Thanks! And I am not in any pain today. So far so good.


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