First 200-mile month

picture-2I just ran my first 200-mile month!  222.5 miles to be exact.

How did I get here? 

Eighteen months ago I decided on a goal of 25 miles a week, minimum, rain or shine. I stuck to it.  

Thirteen months ago I decided to run my first ultra.  I peaked at 56 miles in one week. With ultra training, I learned to do back-to-back long runs.  I really never stopped.

About four months ago I found that I was averaging 40-miles a week while training for a marathon.  I decided that was my new goal, 40-miles a week, rain or shine.

Then I decided to run my second ultra and added a 50-mile race to the plan.  Forty-miles became fifty miles one week and then another and then another.  Do that four times and tada … a 200 mile month.

On this morning’s run, a 3.5-hour jaunt with a friend from my club, we were talking about how amazing the human body truly is and how in running we accomplish things we never before thought possible.  It is one of the greatest feelings on earth.  I remember four years ago, when I first thought about trying a marathon, that I was flabbergasted to learn people run 50, 60, 70 miles in a week.  Yet here I find myself.

I start next month off right.  I am running the San Francisco Half Marathon in the morning.


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