Brand loyalty

Mizuno Wave Inspire - Same Shoes Ive Worn for Over Four Years
Mizuno Wave Inspire - I have run thousands of miles in my many pairs

I am a loyal person.  Be good to me ol’ products and services, and I will keep paying for you.

For example, I love my pediatrician.  He was there when my twins were born.  They are now eight.  We have moved 50 miles from him. He has changed offices twice.  He is still our pediatrician. 

I feel the same way about my running shoes. Well, OK, I love my pediatrician more, but my shoes have always been good to me.

After trying Nike, Saucony, and Addidas, I have now worn Mizuno for almost five years.  And not just any Mizuno — Mizuno Wave Inspire.  

I wear them because a man who once coached our Olympic track team told me they were  right  for me.  I believed him.  He was an Olympic coach for goodness sake.

I have run thousands of miles in my many pairs of Wave Inspire.  I have run fast and far, slow and short.  They have never let me down.

I used to keep many many used pairs in my closet.  When I retired a pair, I wrote all the races I’d run in them across the bottom. Just two weeks ago I recycled a trunk-load of them at my local running store.  It was tough.  

I talk about changing, but I never do.  I check Runner’s World reviews all year long.  I look for the Editor’s Choice for pronators like me.  I still don’t buy a different brand.

I took up trails, and I did so in Mizunos, the  Mizuno Wave Ascend trail shoes.

Mizuno Wave Ascend Trail Shoes - the only trail shoes Ive ever worn
Mizuno Wave Ascend Trail Shoes - the only trail shoes I've ever worn

Why did I do this when there are so many great trail shoes…specialty trail shoes?  Because Mizuno has never failed me before. Why would I doubt them now? (For the record, I love the Ascend.)

I even buy all my shoes from the same place!  I always buy last year’s model, so the price is fine. The shipping is free each way.  They are fast and always have what I need.  I am a satisfied customer.  I am a loyal customer.

I loathe the day Mizuno Wave Inspires are discontinued. What on earth will I do?!


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