Book Review: “See Mom Run”

For all mothers who move — who have inspired their children, and me” — KDT 

See Mom Run
See Mom Run

A new shipment just arrived at my house from  For me, there are few things better than a new box of books!

In today’s package was a children’s book called, “See Mom Run,” by Kara Douglas Thom, illustrations by Lilly Golden. (Once you click, scroll down to see the children’s books.)

What a sweet little book this turned out to be.  It is the story of Penny, who by all accounts is about eight — the age of my twins.  Penny wakes up on a school day with her mom’s marathon medal draped over her bedpost.  Proudly wearing the medal, she teaches her class mates not just about marathons, but more importantly, about the role she plays.  

Penny cooks pancakes for mom to enjoy after a long run.  She stretches with mom. She keeps mom company at the gym.  She cheers for mom at the finish line.  

It is a simple, lovely tale that is illustrated with simple pastel sketches.

The story is shorter than this blog.  It is told in a way that makes a marathon about the child and not the runner.  It is Penny who is proud because mom couldn’t have achieved her goal without help.  Penny wears the medal all day not just because her mom ran a race, but because together they accomplished something huge.  Penny knows that a marathon medal is not about winning, it is about what goes into the run. It is something that takes time, patience and work on both their parts.  And so, the medal belongs not just to mom, but to Penny.  “She said we made a good team.”

As a mom of three boys who have only known life with a runner, I found this story touching and relatable.  Without their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t attempt what I do.  Without them, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.  

The book is part of a series of children’s books from publishing house “Breakaway Books”.  Others in the series (which I have not read) include, My Dad is an Ironman, Run Dad Run, and Kids Running.  Breakaway Books and Rodale publish many of the best running stories around.

My guess is this book is for children ages 4-6, and running mom’s young and old.  It would make a good Mother’s Day gift.  I recommend you pick one up.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cynthia says:

    Charming review! My boys are all grown up now, but i hope they are inspired to some extent by their mom. Any chance yours will want to try it themselves?

  2. runrunrunrun says:

    Thanks, Cynthia! Yes. My son Morgan, one of my twins, wants to do a couple local 1M kid races this year. My other twin, Reece, likes to bike next to me. My nine year old, Connor, prefers the air conditioner…. ahhh bless him!

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