When short on time…combine

Rolling Hills of Holiday Lake Estates, Morgan Hill California

My biggest problem is lack of time. I always say, if only I didn’t have a job I would be an awesome runner.  Ha ha.  I realize everyone reading this feels the same.  But, necessity is the mother of invention.

I have invented a way for me to get speed and hills in during a combo run. The run lasts anywhere from 6 to 10 miles, depending on, well, time.

Basically, it combines 2 miles of rolling hills complemented by a few straights along the route. Then there is a one mile descent and a number of flat miles. Return up the hill, back over the rolling hills, and back to my house.

I warm up for the first two miles. I book it down the hill at a controlled but fast pace (around 7:30 or so). I tempo it for the flats (under 8:00), which are 2-5 miles. Then I push it back up the hill as hard as I can (measured by RPE, not my watch). When I reach the top, I don’t rest or slow down like I used too. I have no time for such things :-).I pick up my pace for the last miles of rolling hills, finishing with another tempo.

It’s a great little combination run.

I am reading a book on the mental component of running and used the affirmation technique this morning. I felt like a complete idiot reciting, “I love hills,” as I climbed. But low and behold, it kind of worked. I pushed hard all the way to the end.

Nice.  When you have no time, I say “Combine!”


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  1. Cynthia says:

    A lot of our runs are sort of like that too. Most of our runs end up being in Los Altos Hills or west of 280 in Palo Alto, so the hills are hard to avoid! And I am trying not to push the pace in order to work on building a solid base, but just trying to run a normal running pace (sub 10 min/miles) sometimes feels like it may not be entirely aerobic! So there’s tempo work in there of some sort much of the time too! I don’t think I touch on 7:30 pace too often though! (I wish it were more often)

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