Race Report: PCTR Stinson Beach 30K

Fallen trees were everywhere! You got to jump over, go over, and if you were lucky, run right into them!
Fallen trees were everywhere! You got to jump over, duck under, and if you were lucky, run right into them!

This is the third race in a row I am experiencing ‘blogger’s block’.  I want to write something meaningful and profound.

Sadly, I don’t have much meaningful and profound to say.

Perhaps it is because I talk a lot. By the time I get to the computer, I have talked during the race, after the race and to my poor husband about the race.  I am bored with my own thoughts.

So, I will try to keep it to the point.

Yesterday I ran the PCTR Stinson Beach 30K.  It was a fabulous trail run, perhaps my favorite course yet.  It was a very balanced combination of up, down, flat; curves, straight; rocks, trees, and creeks.  It was gorgeous at every turn.

The most memorable activities from the day were:

  • climbing a 10 foot wooden ladder that connected one part of the course with another;
  • running across a bridge that bounced so much I imagined myself an Indiana Jones;
  • watching a woman who had deeply slit her leg pull back two inches of heavily bleeding skin and pour water and anti-bacterial wash right over the wound without so much as a wince — my hero;
  • looking like a complete moron as I ran smack dab into a fallen tree, mashing my forehead;
  • then, after regaining my composure, being relieved that nobody was around to see it;
  • realizing I was running parts of the Dipsea and Miwok trails, two races I’d love to one day complete;
  • feeling a bit accomplished at the end when I thought, “That wasn’t actually very hard for me;”
  • thinking I am ready to tackle another 50K.
The ladder at Steep Ravine
The ladder at Steep Ravine

My plan moving forward, two 30Ks over the next two months, and then my second 50K in February.

On another note, for all you parent runners out there.  I learned today that 7 and 9 year olds on bikes can make great pacers for a 5 or 6 mile run.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Congrats on a good race Julianne! I saw this part when I did my first 50K at Headlands, and it is a tough trail!

    If you are looking for ideas about things to share, consider sharing your racing and training strategy, pacing and any tips. I’m still trying to find my way back to fitness and finding it hard to force this old(ish) body to behave, and could use any help you can spare!


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