Running moves from centre stage

As you can see, my entries have drastically declined of late.  It’s not because I am not running.  I am averaging 40 miles a week.  It’s not because I am not training.  I have my next 26.2 on October 26th (I just realized the irony of the date).

However, running must take a back seat to life on occasion.  It becomes something you do and enjoy, but not necessarily think about all the time.  And because my mind is elsewhere, my blog has suffered.

My kids are back at school and back to extra activities.  My husband is very busy with work and I am shouldering the bulk of everything else.  My own work has picked up.  There is a lot going on in my immediate family as well, from new children to new homes, from hurricanes to illness.

But it’s all OK.  It’s just life.  It ebbs and flows.  In the Summer, we had a fabulous ebb.  Now it is almost Fall and we are back to flow.  It will ebb again, I am sure.  Life is about balance and life is about other people. I have been told I am great at balancing, and as evidence,  am squeezing in runs as much as I can.  Yet, I have had to sacrifice a bit … my track workouts in particular. But that’s OK.  As long as I achieve a PR in my next marathon, I will be happy.  Even if I don’t, that’s actually OK too.

I’ll do my best, but my focus is really elsewhere at the moment.  For now, I am getting in as much as I can, when I can, with as much quality as I can.  For now, it is more important to get my kids settled, homework done, work finished, and to call my mom in Houston when she is riding out a hurricane.


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