Well, that was fun

I won’t really blog about the Opening Ceremonies as I doubt I have anything fresh to say. It was so breathtaking that I know I could never do it justice.

As awe-inspiring as the entertainment, my favorite part is always when the athletes enter the stadium. I get chills constantly, regardless of which athletes are smiling and waving their national flag on my TV. I was happy to see President and Mrs. Bush cheering on the USA team. I know it was controversial, but I am pleased they went. How wonderful for our athletes to see their President standing so proud as they circled the field. I can’t wait for the 5K, 10K and the marathon. I have them marked on my Yahoo calendar.

I will say, Nike put out a fitting tribute last night with their “Courage” ad. Check it out, if you haven’t seen it. It blew me away (not like the ceremonies did, but for a commercial, it didn’t suck).

Go Team USA!!!!

But that is not what I am here to write about today. This morning I ran eight miles with four folks from my club. We started nice and slow as two people are recovering from injury and I am going long tomorrow. At some point, two of us pulled ahead. It wasn’t on purpose, we just happened to be pacing a bit faster. At the 4.70 mile mark, it was time to turn around on our out-and-back course.

Well, our two friends had actually turned before us and now were at least a half mile ahead. We said nothing to each other, but clearly thought the exact same thing. “We will catch them.” We picked up our pace by over a minute and a quarter per mile for the next two miles.

We each only said one thing during that time. He said, “I think they picked up the pace.” I said — to two people who couldn’t hear me — “Slow down! We are trying to catch you.”

When we finally caught them, all I had to add was, “Well, that was fun,” because it was!

Running is great, isn’t it?!~


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