Book Review – God on the starting line

I read a book every week and a half, give or take. I am such a geek about it that I even have a book about the books I’ve read. Surprisingly, it is titled, “What I read”.

Over the past few months I have read a number of books about running, most of them very good. In fact, there are five running books next to me at this very moment.

Cover Image "God on the Starting Line" by Marc Bloom
Cover Image "God on the Starting Line" by Marc Bloom

Last night I finished, “God on the starting line,” by Marc Bloom. Marc was the Jewish boys cross-country coach of St. Rose Catholic High School. The tale chronicles Marc’s heart and soul as he molds his very tiny, rag tag group of kids into champion athletes. It is an insightful lesson in humanity, coaching, faith, respect, perseverance, and effort.

I almost never mark pages. But as I flip through the book at this very moment, I count eight folded corners. These represent pages with words so meaningful to me as a runner, mom of boys, and leader of a team (at work), that I want to revisit them and ponder their implication.

In his story telling, Marc simultaneously bares his soul and teaches tremendous lessons. He combines the powers of running, nature, and God into a single effort. He is affectionate and loving in his expressions of the team. He is passionate and confident in his field of running. He is artful in his depiction of the boys, with all that makes them wonderful and flawed.

I whipped through this book in about four days. It was incredibly captivating and my heart literally pounded as I watched the final race through Marc’s words.

I especially recommend it for all you runners out there who do some kid coaching on the side.



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