South Valley Running Club – join us

It is time to give a shout out to the South Valley Running Club (SVRC).

I have only been a member for about ten months, but I can tell you that it is a wonderful group of runners from the towns of San Martin, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill, California.

Runners of all levels are active in SVRC, creating a brilliant environment. We have short distance, middle distance, and long distance starters and stars. We have running fresh faces and seasoned veterans. There is always a first-time marathoner in our ranks, as well as someone training for their 9th or 19th. Many have gone to Boston; many are trying; many have no desire to get there. We can be seen running a lot of local races and even sponsor a couple of our own. We have trail runners and road racers, and club members enter distances from 5Ks to 50 milers to the “The Relay” 200. In short, it is fun!

Truth be told, 80% of the time (maybe more) I run alone because I enjoy it and life dictates it. But I get to the Saturday runs when I can, I often participate in the ongoing email/group discussions, and I turn to the club to hear stories and share my own.

I never would have run an ultramarathon without the club. Seven of us trained for months to get in good enough shape to reach 50K. The other six (everyone but me) went on to run a 50-miler one month later!

I think it is just the right combination of fun and competition, novice and expert, laughter and hard work, dedication and freedom.

If you are nearby, come join us. Check out our running calendar.

If you aren’t nearby, check out a club near you! It is worth it!


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