We train

We train and train and train.

We have good days. We are strong — invincible in fact. We can run over mountains and up rocks and across creeks for miles at top speed. Bring it on cheetah! Let’s see what you’ve got!

We have bad days. We wonder if it’s all been a fluke. Will we ever run fast again? Our legs like cement, we think this is the moment it all goes down hill. Our better days are clearly behind us. Perhaps we should look into swimming.

What is the difference between one day and the next? How can it be that the same legs and the same heart and the same mind can feel totally different? What did we eat? How did we sleep? Have we recovered right? Have we trained hard enough? Have we trained too hard?

If only I knew the answers to those questions. I read a lot. I talk to other runners a lot. I try to train intelligently. I eat healthy. And yet, some days my legs are like cement and others I fly like a cheetah.

On Sunday, I am running the San Diego Marathon in an attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I really hope it is a good day.

– 5 miles @ didn’t clock the pace. 4 days to San Diego. –


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey, just happened across your blog. I’m running it, too.

  2. Kim Moyano says:

    Hey Julianne, GOOD LUCK, you’ll definitely qualify, I know it!!

    We’ll be keeping you in our thoughts as we run through the hills of Harvey Bear and Mt. Madonna this weekend.

    Make sure to come back with lots of stories. 🙂

    Take care, Kim

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