Lost in my own backyard

I can get lost in my own backyard. In fact, today I did.

I did an 8-mile run that starts about 3 miles from my home. I have done it many times before. Usually I run with people from my running club. Today I ran alone and I got lost.

I get lost all the time. My sense of direction is equal to that of a broken compass at the bottom of the sea.

But one of the best things about about running is the people you meet along the way. They become your partners, your friends, your family. So today I called one of those people and said, “I am at the intersection of Sycamore and Watsonville. Where do I go now?”

With only mild laughing, he patiently mapped out the next 3 miles for me. Let’s just say that even though he has personally run this route with me half a dozen times, he was not surprised that I had no idea where I was going.

At races, you often see the slogan, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. That always makes me laugh because at those events it is totally about the destination! But today, as I looked side-to-side wondering which way to go and laughing at myself, I was definitely enjoying the journey.

– 8 miles @ 7:40 plus 2 minutes getting directions. 11 days to San Diego Marathon –


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